1.Installing the Windows player #

1.1.Download #

Click on the “CLICK HERE’ link to start the download. Your browser will then start downloading it and show it somewhere in your program to access it, this depends on your browser.

1.2.Installing #

If you want to install the player, you need to start the application as an administrator.

Right click on the application and click “Run as administrator”.

This needs to be done to get access to the automatic windows login function when starting up.Run as admin

Start the installer wizard and follow the steps of the installation. After installing you can start the software and start your SignageTube experience.


1.3.Connection ID #

When the installation is done you get an ID to connect it to your control panel.

For more information on that, go to here.

1.4.Using the player #

The player is designed to stay into fullscreen. If something happens and Windows switches to another program, the player will automatically go back to fullscreen in a few seconds.

Also, when you move your mouse around for 2 seconds. A debug panel will pop up with information about your player and 3 buttons.

  • A button to open your log files
  • A button to open your temp folder (Media files are stored here locally to play in your player)
  • A button to fill in your Windows login information. The next time you start a player from your control panel it will automatically login and start your player

To fill in your Windows login information, you need to start the application as an administrator.

Right click on the application and click on “Run as administrator”.Run as admin

Then when installed, hover with your mouse for 2 seconds and click on “Auto-logon” on the right side of your screen.

Fill in your information and reboot your device. When starting up the SignageTube player should start and login automatically.

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