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Send scheduled playlists with presentations and videos to your remote players in your shops and offices. Control your brand from your or any desktop with our digital signage solutions in the cloud.

Easy scheduling of multi media playlists

Works in the cloud from any desktop, tablet or smartphone

Instant overview and reporting

You can upload presentations and videos to your playlist. Our customers often use PowerPoint to design their presentations because they already have it and know that software. PowerPoint is an uncomplicated software that is mostly used for presentations. It is great for designing, and you don’t need expert software to create videos as you need for software like Adobe After Effects. What if we told you that you could use PowerPoint to create videos that are compatible across all platforms in less than 10 minutes? Well, that is precisely what we do. Just open the PowerPoint document containing slides and your messages, make your changes, save it and upload at SignageTube.  Our digital signage solutions software converts that PowerPoint into videos with full animations in record time.

Our server converts everything to video and distributes it. The video is ideal because it is universal for all platforms; Windows, iOS and Android, and runs safely without crashes, and has no further dependencies. Also, see this project as a personalized Youtube channel where the remote control is in the HQ of a company, or compare it to Netflix. You schedule what needs to be displayed. Not broadcasting, but narrowcasting. So like your personal Netflix for companies.


Why our Digital Signage Solutions

Digital signage solutions

Easy Playlists

A playlist can consist of presentations and videos. Most of our customers are using PowerPoint because it is so easy to use, everyone has it already, and you can find 100,000’s of templates, paid and free.

No complex video editing software is needed. No new digital signage editor is needed. You probably already know Microsoft PowerPoint.

Multiple Sites

Having multiple players at your site? Not a problem. Are you a company with multiple locations, shops or factories. No problem at all with our access rights.

Better Stats & Control

See what is displayed in real-time on your remote screens. Live thumbnails of every player on your desktop or smartphone.

Every playback is logged so you can easily provide a proof of playing to your advertisers.

No Extra Software

Next to our player software, no other software dependencies are needed.

Multiple Platforms

Player works great on Windows, iOS and Android platforms.

Servers in Your Area

We have servers in every continent to have faster uploads and downloads.

File Copying & Caching

Media files are cached on your local system for fast and safe local playback.

User Management

You can set up multiple sites or shops and assign users to sites.

Free Templates

Download free presentation templates to get started quickly.


Optionally, get email alerts when something goes wrong.

Instant overview

With our web application, you can overview all of your players together.

Advanced Logging

Instant access to events, audit trails and error messages of all players.

Digital Signage Solutions Plans


Frequently Asked Questions

Which operating systems are supported?

At the moment we start with the Microsoft Windows platform only since we have the most experience and best results with this OS. Very soon after our release of SignageTube, we will invest in a player version of iOS and Android too.

Our administrator and user web application to create and assign playlists, is working on all operating systems already since that is done in a web application.

How long does it take to render my presentations?

Our players are using videos only for playback. We have chosen for this technology because videos are rich and playable on every device and operating system. A video that you directly upload is available immediately for all players. But you can upload presentations. Our servers will convert these presentations into videos before we can distribute the videos to the players.

How long it takes, that generation? That completely depends on the number of slides, the complexity of the transitions and animations, and most important, how long you show your slides. It is not possible to calculate the exact rendering time but roughly you can count one minute per minute playback. So when your single slideshow run would take 5 minutes, then our rendering process would need 5 minutes on average to generate its video out of it.

Can SignageTube show real-time data?

No. SignageTube is designed (for the moment) to show static information only. You can update the source presentation with new information and upload it again to SignageTube. After that, a presentation or video is static. But your screens will display that new information. That will work. 

If you want to use data-driven presentation and signage, then please have a look at our DataPoint and iPoint software. 

What file types are supported?

You can upload files with extensions PPT, PPTX, PPSX, MP4 and AVI for use in your playlists.

How many displays can you link to a plan?

You need one subscription per display. When you have a shop with 3 displays that you want to manage, then you need 3 subscriptions.

Where are the SignageTube datacenter regions located?

We are currently running 3 data centers; Europe near Amsterdam, East Coast US near New York City, and West Coast US near San Francisco.

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